Competency - A definition

A competency is generally defined as a combination of skills, knowledge, attributes, and behaviors that enable an individual to perform a task or activity successfully on a given job.

Organizations define competency as measurable on-the-job behaviors that an organization desires to see in its workforce or employees. They are critical behavioral traits and skills of its employees that allow an organization to achieve its business goals.

Companies list relevant competencies while defining job requirement and recruiting, and for the retention and development of its staff. Depending on the job description, type, department, industry, and seniority required, an organization may be looking for a varied set of competencies.

For example, when looking to hire a Digital Marketing Manager, an organization will include knowledge of Digital Marketing, Analytical thinking, Reporting skills, etc. in the job description.

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Job description can be defined as a broad, general and written statement that defines the nature, scope and responsibilities of a job role or title. The job description or JD is based on the findings of a job analysis. It lists the tasks, roles, and responsibilities that a selected candidate will perform on that job.

Job competency on the other hand is a part of job descriptions nowadays. Based on the role and job title, hiring managers list a number of key characteristics, skills, and behavioral aspects that they are seeking in a candidate. These combined are known as job competencies. In short, we can define job competency is an essential element that includes the knowledge, skill, or attitude required to succeed in a job role. Let us learn the difference with an example.

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