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Evolution of People Analytics in 2020-21

People Matters & DarwinBox
Anushree Sharma
Analytics can dramatically improve the way organizations identify, attract, develop, and retain talent.

In this People Matters and Darwinbox research, Evolution of People Analytics in 2021, we illustrate the precedence that People Analytics can bring to talent management, specially during the times of crisis. The research further delves deeper into the different phases of People Analytics and intends to help HR professionals and business leaders navigate each stage of the talent management function with the right application of People Analytics.

Leading organizations are investing more in this space, and the interest in People Analytics is accelerating. Sharing of experience, good practices, and what can be used in scalable cost-effective ways is something we want to help with. This report sheds light on opportunities for People Analytics to further develop and embed into the HR profession. And, by looking across to our colleagues in other areas of business, we can see the exciting role people data can play in helping organizations understand their people better and help them realize their full potential.

Key Insights

The current state of People Analytics & maturity index for Asian organisations

How organisations are accelerating their people analytics maturity curve

How organisations are leveraging people data to drive business growth

Exclusive insights from the CHRO's of MakeMyTrip and Tech Mahindra

The road ahead for People Analytics in 2021 and beyond

About the Authors

Anushree Sharma, Manager - Research & Content, People Matters

Research Team

Arka Prasad Das, Product Manager, Darwinbox

Namita Dhawan, Marketing Associate, Darwinbox

Anushree Sharma, Manager - Research & Content, People Matters

Publish Date

December 2020