Four Traditional Business Orthodoxies To Challenge In 2021

Four Traditional Business Orthodoxies To Challenge In 2021
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Dan Helfrich
4 Orthodoxies

What long-held beliefs has COVID-19 challenged? Deloitte Consulting CEO Dan Helfrich highlights four orthodoxies that should have been upended long ago.

Key Takeaways

Orthodoxy No. 1

My organization’s digital transformation should be based on previous successful IT implementations.

Orthodoxy No. 2

It’s easier to fundamentally disrupt a market as a new entrant than as an established enterprise.

Orthodoxy No. 3

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are only about human resources and leaders increasing representation.

Orthodoxy No. 4

The more complex and nuanced the information, the fewer people in your organization should have access to it.

About the Authors

Dan Helfrich, Chairman & CEO, Principal Deloitte Consulting LLP


Dan Helfrich is chairman and chief executive officer of Deloitte Consulting LLP. As CEO, he leads a team of more than 50,000 professionals who help clients solve their most complex problems. Whether it is identifying new market opportunities or talent models, implementing a new cloud-based application or maximizing an existing one, Dan is focused on helping the team deliver measurable, lasting results for clients. Dan is also a member of the US Executive Committee and the US Management Committee of Deloitte. In his more than 20 years with Deloitte, Dan has led large customer-centric transformations for both public and private sector clients. Previously, Dan led the 16,000-person Government & Public Services practice. He also served as Deloitte Consulting’s strategy & transformation leader and led the Civilian Government sector. On podcasts and through other media, Dan regularly shares his perspectives on leadership and building a purpose-driven and inclusive culture and challenging traditional business orthodoxies. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University. He is also the voice of the 2019 NCAA Champion Georgetown University Men’s Soccer team. Dan lives near Washington, D.C. with his wife, Kristie, and their four children.

Publish Date

November 2020