Let’s look at the data – It’s a Global issue !

22 countries have women leaders as head of government out of a possible 140 free countries who can a Woman leader.

Only 9 out of 50 states in USA have a Woman governor, in 62 years.

We have 78 Women MPs in India, which is 14% of the current Lok Sabh.

Only one Indian state has a Woman Chief Minister. (Only 16 since Independence) .

Of the top 20 companies in India, only 6 % of management team is Women, 94 % is Men.

Narrow Stereotyping of what women can do…

In Government or public service : We see women being given portfolios like child welfare, education, social reform, family, social affairs .(Nirmala Sitharaman is an exception, not the rule) Teachers in schools, Universities

In Management: HR, Customer relationships in service industries, banking, consulting.

Key Takeaways

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Only 38 % in Japan felt comfortable having a woman leader in government.

Nigeria 53% and Kenya 47% felt comfortable having a woman government leader, higher than Japan and Germany! India was 68. Emerging Markets better on equality.

In Germany only 41% were comfortable despite a successful stint by Angela Merkel.

Young men are less progressive in their views than young women, 67 vs 76 in G 7 countries. Younger people are less progressive vs older people.

Global score was 77 for women and 70 for men which means , that women are more likely than men to perceive men and women as being equally suitable for leadership.

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