How to close skill gaps faster

Aligning learning with business goals
Aligning learning with business goals

There's often a wide gap between a company's strategy and business goals and the skills it will take to get them there. New technologies and their digital capabilities are accelerating so quickly, there's a risk that a majority of the current workforce is underprepared to help companies achieve their goals.

According to PwC's 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey, 79% of CEOs surveyed said they're concerned their organizations won't have the digital skills needed to meet the demands of emerging roles. The solution is to focus on preparing for the future by adopting a mindset that can improve employee experience in ways that grow the people you have and attract the top talent to your organization.

For a lot of companies, growing talent means trying to close skill gaps with upskilling programs, but more than 80% of those companies aren't gaining traction. They're not seeing a reduction in skill gaps or in the mismatch between the talent they have and the skills they need. One core reason: most companies don't have a clear

understanding of the skills their workers already have compared with the skills they'll need to help the organization succeed in the future. So the gap widens even as learning chiefs invest in new programs and employees sign up for them.

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