Research Insights: COVID-19

Protecting Workplace Culture During a Global Pandemic

Organizational wellbeing in an uncertain economic environment
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Potential impact of Covid-19

As news headlines about coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to increase, so has concern over its potential to affect employee welfare, disrupt global supply chains and slow business operations. It is important to have an actionable business continuity plan in place to help guide your employees and your business.

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented disruption in business worldwide. Financial uncertainty, unpredictable working conditions and health concerns are building stress within the workforce, and impacting organizations'futures. The connection between employee wellbeing and organizational wellbeing has never been more apparent — or more important.

Your people are your organization’s greatest asset. Their wellbeing is at the center of our approach; guiding our solutions and driving the insights we share. Gallagher Better Works is founded on the concept that “the whole person comes to work each day.” To help your people engage in their work and invest in your organization’s success means investing in them — with benefits and HR programs that support their health, talent, financial security and career growth — all at cost structures your organization can sustain. With a people strategy rooted in the wellbeing of your people, your organizational wellbeing can thrive — even in times of uncertainty. Your workplace will work better and you can face the future with confidence.

Now more than ever, employers need timely insights as they try to navigate the multitude of issues arising from this global pandemic. A better response to COVID-19 starts here.

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Protecting Workplace Culture During a Global Pandemic

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