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The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has been growing for several years. But in 2020, with the coronavirus pandemic and the movement for racial justice, it became a business imperative for every organization that wants to engage employees, relate to customers, and serve their communities.


of organizations rank DEI as a moderately or critically important driver of business results


of organizations say they are diverse and inclusive

Key Takeaways

Success in diversity, equity, and inclusion involves an organization-wide strategy. It is about building a culture through values, engaging talent, continuous learning, recognizing success, and employee activism.

It is a complex journey, but one worth investing the time, money and effort required to drive business growth and improve the engagement of employees, customers, and all other stakeholders.

DEI can create a competitive advantage by:

Expanding the breadth and depth of ideas needed to innovate and respond to market changes

Improving the organization’s ability to grow

Improving customer retention

Improving the ability to attract new customers

Reducing liability for discrimination, disparate treatment, and hostile work environment

Improving your employer brand

Improving sales relationships through the ability to relate to diverse prospects and customers

Improving succession planning capability because you will have the breadth and depth of talent to move qualified people into critical positions

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Eightfold is an AI company based in Silicon Valley, working with enterprises across industries and around the world. The company uses artificial intelligence technology to transform how enterprises manage their talent throughout the talent lifecycle, from recruiting and hiring through employee mobility, retention, and skills development. The company’s AI approach is also designed to prevent bias and support diversity. This AI approach is transformative because it helps companies to think about talent differently..

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October 2020