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Rethinking Remote Work

Imperatives for optimizing your company’s bounce-back
Remote Working

Early notions of a V-shaped recovery have been replaced by two fundamental realizations. We are in for a prolonged period of recovery, and companies across all sectors need to rethink supporting and engaging remote workers. As with all setbacks, opportunities exist for organizations to reexamine and improve corporate culture. The COVID-19 crisis has profoundly changed how companies, employees and customers think about relationships. The quotes below reflect several C-suite viewpoints on remote work. What is your company’s perspective? Has it been clearly communicated to employees? On the following pages, we’ll explore some of the challenges and opportunities for improving your company’s culture and bounce-back strategy.

Key Takeaways

Why and how leaders are rethinking their corporate culture

Remote Work Realities: New challenges to productivity that must be addressed

Bridging the Distance: What managers need to do differently to engage remote workers

Re-imagining Recognition: Creative ways to boost engagement and social connections

Realigning Recruiting: New opportunities for a talent-driven bounce-back

Remote Onboarding: Ideas for accelerating time-to-productivity

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Publish Date

July 2020