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Reworking Work: Understanding The Rise of Work Anywhere

Global research into the impacts of COVID-19 on the nature of work and collaboration
Atlassian & PaperGiant
To understand the changing work practices of individuals, teams and organisations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced individuals, teams and organisations around the world to rapidly adapt to new restrictions on work.

To understand what these changes mean, Atlassian engaged Paper Giant to conduct research with knowledge workers in Australia, USA, Japan, Germany and France.

While triggered by COVID-19, the outcomes of this research will allow Atlassian to help other organisations understand their employees’ needs and track the evolving nature of knowledge work.

1. What’s changed about the ways individuals, teams and organisations work?

2. What’s driving differences in experience, or how well people adapt to these changes?

3. What does this mean for how people think about their work futures (hopes, needs and expectations)?

Key Takeaways

What in the World

Globally, the research unearthed fascinating insights into the unique impact of COVID-19 on France, Germany, Japan, and Australia. America’s newfound appreciation of work-life balance is echoed by almost half (44 percent) of our German counterparts, who reported better satisfaction with their work-life balance compared to only 17 percent who felt it had worsened. Additionally, the mass migration to our home offices has seen a considerable 86 percent of Australian workers better appreciate the quality of life outside of their workplace.

Teamwork also continues to thrive in this new distributed environment. Only 13 percent of respondents in Germany felt their teams worked worse together remotely and an impressive 61 percent of French respondents reported a strong feeling of unity and cohesion with their team as a result of the pandemic and proceeding lockdown.

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Paper Giant

Paper Giant is a strategic research and design consultancy that helps organizations understand and solve complex problems. Paper Giant specializes in combining qualitative and quantitative research to understand customers and communities and translates that understanding into designs for product, service, and policy.

Publish Date

October 2020