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The Future of Learning Is Continuous

Is your organization prepared to deliver continuous learning to your employees?
Learining must be continuous

Continuous learning is a program that enables employees to enhance their skills and knowledge at their own pace through a personalized development design. Continuous learning empowers employees to perform effectively and adapt to changes in the workplace.

Beyond giving employees the tools and knowledge they need to perform their jobs, continuous learning’s wider scope extends into new vital areas—such as career development, employee performance management, and business impact.

Continuous learning has many distinct learning characteristics including:

• A connected, integrated part of the employee development journey

• Customized to individuals and populations

• Designed for employees’ and businesses’ future needs

• Designed to support the transfer of learning back into the business

• Benchmarked, evaluated, and continuously improved

Continuous learning is not just a great methodology for professionals to stay updated in an ever-changing workplace, it is also an essential tool for organizations to remain innovative, relevant, and ahead of their competitors. However, in order for it to work, it must become more than just another task or another training course. It needs to become a mindset and a system that is integrated into the work environment naturally. And that takes time, effort,and vigilance. But once achieved, the results can be significant.


Humanity at the heart of the Cognitive Enterprise

In a complex, constantly changing environment, companies in every industry must be able to continuously learn, grow, and innovate to remain competitive. Likewise, employees must do the same. Continuous learning has the biggest impact when employees can be exposed to a variety of learning activities they can accomplish over a period of time, so they can absorb and retain what they learn, demonstrate it, and work with other team members to share their knowledge — all of which fosters a culture of continuous learning.

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September 2020