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Top 5 Priorities for HR Leaders in 2021

Identify HR trends and assess HR priorities and expected challenges
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HR reinvention:

Gartner surveyed HR leaders to identify HR trends and assess HR priorities and expected challenges. This year it surveyed more than 800 human resources leaders across 60 countries and all major industries

The top five initiatives chief human resource officers and HR professionals are prioritizing for 2021

Key themes and HR trends that will emerge in 2021

Workplace trends, such as an increase in remote workers and a focus on employee engagement, that shape the priorities

Key Takeaways

1. The new world of remote

HR must move beyond simple questions of how remote work operates. An effective hybrid workforce model requires HR to develop and evolve critical managerial and leadership roles and responsibilities, new organization structures and virtual HR strategies.

2. Efficient resilience

HR leaders now realize that efficient organizations are actually fragile organizations. Rather than striving for efficiency, leading HR organizations recognize they need to build resilient organizations, leaders and employees so they are able to bounce back and thrive during disruptions.

3. Building a diverse leadership bench

Despite the attention placed on building a more diverse workforce, progress has been slow and halting. The workforce and the communities in which organizations operate expect more. The pace of progress must speed up.

4. The new EVP

Employees’ expectations of their employers have shifted. Mental health, purpose and social responsibility are now critical components of the value proposition. HR executives must navigate the new realities of the labor market to meet their talent needs and the expectation of their employers. The New World of Remote

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