Increased performance Research shows that business unit-level engagement is predictive of future customer experience metrics, productivity, and financial performance

Lower attrition Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave2 their organisation, which means reduced costs in having to recruit new staff, train them and wait for them to ramp up to full productivity

Increased revenue According to Bain & Company, companies with highly engaged workers grew revenues 2.5x as much as those with low levels of engagement

A better customer experience 70% of engaged employees indicate they have a good understanding of how to meet customer needs; only 17% of non-engaged employees say the same

Key Takeaways

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Collaboration Are people able to easily work together and share knowledge within and across teams?

Growth & Development Are there opportunities for people to grow and develop in the company?

Communication Are they getting enough info from the company about what's happening and what affects their role?

Company Leadership Do they have confidence and trust in their senior leaders?

Inclusion Do people feel like they are part of the team and company, feel valued and that their opinions matter?

Strategic Alignment Do they understand where the company is going and understand how their role contributes?

Performance & Accountability Do people understand their goals, have clear expectations, and receive feedback?

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November 2021