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What is Global Teams?

Global Teams is a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) and can help you easily create and manage a global workforce, right from your home country. It's purpose-built for small to medium-sized businesses and helps you access the world's top talent.

Global Teams is an all in one solution that can help you attract, hire, manage, pay, motivate and reward your local and global teams together, in one secure, cloud-based platform. It allows businesses of all sizes to easily hire anyone, anywhere in the world. This means SMEs can now access the best talent, wherever they choose to live.

It removes the distance between borders, making all of your employees feel part of the team, no matter where or when they choose to work.

What is a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)?
A Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) is an all-in-one HR service that allows employers to access talent from across the world.

It manages payroll, benefits, remuneration, administration, employment taxes, HR guidance and more, in accordance with local government laws.

It provides employers with peace of mind knowing that they are accessing the best talent in the world, compliantly.

It takes the stress out of establishing different legal entities in different countries to employ talent, providing small businesses with the same opportunities as larger businesses with a greater geographical spread.

Key Takeaways

YOUR EMPLOYER OF RECORD (EOR). Also known as Professional Employer Organisation (PEO), we hire full-time employees on your behalf, saving you the cost and time of setting up a local entity in multiple countries.

CONSISTENT COMPLIANCE. You don't need to worry about the unique rules and regulations in each country. We fully automate local compliance, so you can focus on your people rather than policies and paperwork.

FAIR FOR ALL INVOLVED. We have designed our policies with fairness for all parties in mind. You will find our systems are transparent, so everyone knows where they stand. Where possible, we've made our policies consistent across borders, meaning everyone gets a fair go.

ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION. Our Global Teams service doesn't just help you hire and pay your employees. Remote team members can access our suite of employee engagement tools (plus employee benefits) no matter where they live. With Employment Hero and Global

EMPOWER REMOTE EMPLOYEES. Through Global Teams, your international employees will be a full member of your team and will be able to access Employment Hero's large suite of employee engagement features such as Discounts, Employment Hero's online marketplace with access to discounts on thousands of everyday items, the Employment Hero app, performance reviews, leave requests, payslips and more.

COMPANY-WIDE ALIGNMENT. When your team is located across the globe, company alignment is crucial for success. With Employment Hero, you can manage your team's goals with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), create recurring one-to-one meetings, share Announcements in the Company Feed and publicly recognise coworkers for great work through our Shout Outs and Recognition features.

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