Eight Meta-Trends Impacting Human Resources in 2021

The Future of Work Came Yesterday, and Here’s What HR Needs to Prioritize Now
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HR: Guiding Organizations Through Unprecedented Disruption

The pandemic had extraordinary impacts on global economies and nearly every dimension of work and life. And for most of us, things will never be the same. With the rollout of vaccines, however, organizations are preparing for what’s next – and they are increasingly optimistic about the future.

This effort will continue to place human resources departments front and center – and for good reason. More than ever, business leaders understand the strategic importance of their people and the vital role HR plays in creating an agile, resilient workforce that can respond swiftly to evolving crises, markets, and customer demands with speed, excellence, and understanding. At the same time, with many people working from home, HR teams have been challenged by the pandemic to rethink how to operationalize and manage business processes, from recruiting, talent acquisition, and onboarding to skill management, training, organization and collaboration, and employee engagement

Along the way, HR roles, objectives, and performance metrics have changed dramatically – most notably because HR is increasingly involved in the strategic planning and decision-making of the business. More than ever, if you are leading HR, you are expected to bring future-oriented insights and recommendations to the executive table.

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The HR Research Team for SAP SuccessFactors solutions is here to help. Our group of PhD-level organizational psychologists conducts original applied research on “future of work” trends and shares our findings to inform your company’s strategy and planning and provide market and customer thought leadership. Each year, we aggregate and synthesize data from a wide range of reputable business press sources that put out HR trends and predictions and conduct a content analysis to derive key themes, or “meta-trends,” common among them. Our goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the most prevalent and important HR and workforce trends for the upcoming year.

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