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We're entering a new era of work. The recent shift to remote working has driven humanity to reimagine how businesses and teams operate when in-person meetings aren't possible. Organizations are now examining how to move forward — from establishing flexible working arrangements to ensuring a safe return to the office. Despite the challenges, we now have a unique opportunity to fundamentally improve how people work — wherever they are. The path forward is the hybrid workplace.

74% say their businesses will in some ways emerge stronger after COVID-19.

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Trends point to a hybrid workplace. These trends are driving us toward a new hybrid work environment — an approach that supports a blend of in-office and remote workers while providing people with the flexibility to choose where and how they'll work.

Flexibility is king for the foreseeable future. Only 9% of the global workforce expect to fully return to the office after offices reopen.

Virtual collaboration is no longer a "nice to have." 98% believe they will have meetings with participants joining from home going forward.

Intelligent workplaces are needed. 96% want to improve their work environments with intelligent workplace technology.

Office footprints will be optimized. 53% of large organizations are planning to reduce their office footprint.

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November 2021