As an employee return to office at least sometimes –companies will continue to use virtual technologies.

A year after companies asked employees to work from home full time, the threat of corona virus infection is finally receding. Vaccination is now becoming available for Americans of all ages and companies are preparing to bring more employees back to the office.

But the workplace will never be the same . Nor will many jobs. A return to the pre covid-19 status quo is not an option. In a survey of employees 87% said, they will adopt “hybrid” work arrangements permanantly with some employees working remotely all the time. Some working in the office all the time. Many employees working into the office, a couple of days of week.

Not only has the past year changed where people work, but also how they work. Both employers and employees have benefited from the forced use of collaboration technologies that improves ways of working. And many companies have used the shift to work from home as an opportunity to re imagine processes , jobs and even operating models. They have accelerated digitization and will continue to do so as they refine hybrid work.

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The first step companies can take to improve performance in the era of hybrid work is to “baseline” their needs. Most executives say nothing is more urgent than connecting workers to each other more seamlessly online. More than 80 percent of digital transformation strategy leaders polled by KPMG in mid-2020 said they were investing in collaboration tools (Exhibit 2). Not far behind was investment in cloud computing, which is required for many collaboration platforms

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August 2021