Getting The Employee Experience Right

Explore using Alight’s Workforce Mindset Study.
Getting The Employee Experience Right

Delivering a great customer or user experience has become critical to achieving competitive advantage in today’s digitally-driven economy. It also plays a vital role in building business-enhancing employee engagement and productivity for organizations, especially as companies seek valuable growth in tight labor markets.

We heard from both employees and employers about the struggle to improve employee engagement, even as investments in pay, benefits, and other drivers have increased. This valuable employee feedback has given us a new perspective as we heard about the challenges of daily work experiences in addition to the content of workplace programs, practices, or relationships.

Employees’ ability to get work done efficiently, to collaborate effectively, and to contribute to meaningful work kept resurfacing during these conversations — all elements of the overall employee experience.

Most employees say their workplace technology experiences seldom match their more positive experiences outside work. Therefore, employers are also challenged to design and consistently deliver a great employee experience through technology as expectations are high and continue to rise.

But what does employee experience really mean or look like? What drives a great employee experience for people? How can organizations effectively measure the overall employee experience and continuously enhance it to increase attraction, retention, and engagement? These are questions we sought to explore using Alight’s Workforce Mindset Study.

Key Takeaways

About This Report

Developing a 20-year plan (thinking beyond the near term opens up new possibilities more readily)

Building rapid people profiles, personas, and value maps to ensure deep understanding of the people as well as what the organization delivers

Mapping the journey from the perspectives of multiple talent personas to identify pain points and opportunities

Immersing in ideation activities like “How might we?” to help challenge assumptions and reframe ideas

Using “Fast First Steps” to bring the next action steps rapidly into focus and get moving

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Ray Baumruk Vice President Employee Experience Design Research & Insights Alight Solutions

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August 2021