Global Talent Mobility

Best Practice Research
Global Talent Mobility

Fuel50 conducted best practices research on current talent mobility experiences, best-in-class talent mobility, and the imperatives for talent mobility in the future across high-performing organizations around the world.

This report is the second of a six-part series detailing the key findings from our research study and extensive analysis of workforce and talent mobility trends. The goals of the study were as follows:

To understand current trends in internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling across the globe

To learn what best-in-class career growth and talent mobility looks like today

To ascertain the key imperatives for talent mobility in the coming decade.

Key Takeaways

About This Report

Agile skills and project-based workforces are here to stay.

Holacracy may be the future, but most are not ready to relinquish job titles just yet.

Talent pools are changing shape.

Talent Visibility is a Crucial Component

About the Publisher

Fuel50 is the AI Opportunity Marketplace solution that delivers internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling.

With hyper-personalized AI and a deeply embedded commitment to diversity and inclusion, Fuel50 activates your talent. Fuel50's ethical AI matches your people to opportunities in real-time, automatically maps your workforce architecture, and provides deep data insights for predictive talent and workforce planning

Over 70 organizations around the globe saw immediate impact since deploying Fuel50, with up to 65% increase in lateral movement, 35% increase in internal recruitment, and 60% reduction in employee churn.

Publish Date

August 2021