Inside the Mind of Today's Candidate

13 insights that will make you a better hiring manager
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Inside the Mind of Today's Candidate

Balancing your hiring instincts with data-driven insights
As a hiring manager, you have great instincts. After all you have hired people before and you know how to tell who will work out and who won't. Most of the time.

But instincts can only take you so far. To be a great hiring manager, you need insights too. Data-driven insights can show you who your candidates are in a way that your intuition cannot. Only data-driven insights can tell you if your candidate hunches are right and if your hiring strategy is sound. The good news we have those insights right here in this report.

Let's start from the top: candidates want to hear from you
Career FOMO (fear of missing out) is a real thing.1 Candidates want to avoid the bad feeling of losing a dream opportunity, so they're willing to hear you out. They also love praise and favor those who give it.2 Since your outreach is perceived as a compliment, it makes you more likeable.

Candidates want lots of information in your first message
Job and salary details top the list for what candidates want to know, and many expect company information too. Use this ranking to gut-check and prioritize the content of your messages.

Key Takeaways

About This Report

Knowing what candidates want and why they want it helps you make better decisions. When you combine the insights in this report with the instincts you're already using, you'll do your best recruiting.

1. Starting the conversation Know that some candidates prefer to be contacted by hiring managers, so take advantage of that. When you do reach out, balance the candidate's desire for lots of information with our science-backed tips for getting a response.

2. Inspiring the application Help candidates discover your company and roles by investing in where they go for information - mainly your website, search engines, and LinkedIn. Empower your employees to help you recruit and step up your game by becoming a better information resource yourself.

3. Nailing the interview experience Keep your interview period short, offer candidates a chance to learn about the role and the culture, and show them basic human respect. Having leadership meet with candidates and following up promptly with feedback will further boost their interview experience.

4. Closing the deal Avoid using salary as your main selling point. Money will influence certain circumstances, but it won't give you loyal employees. So long as your offer is competitive, focus on ways candidates will learn and grow, have control over their work, and/or feel a sense of purpose.

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