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Leading and Coaching at scale in Remote work world

In the wake of organizations completely rethinking their remote work strategies, scores of managers have had to figure out how to coach large, dispersed teams. When coaching and mentoring are more important than ever, it is increasingly difficult to do so effectively. Companies need new tools and strategies to tackle leadership, coaching and mentoring at scale in a remote work world.

Before the pandemic, merely 15% of companies said that more than half of their workforce was remote. More than twice as many companies believe half or more of their workers will be remote once their return-to-work strategies roll out.

Technology will be the key to successfully leading remote teams especially at any kind of scale. As teams grow larger and more dispersed, it becomes even harder for coaches and leaders who are already stretched thin to manage them. By leveraging technology in the right ways, synchronous, one-on-one interactions can be more meaningful and strategic.

Key Takeaways

Other things to consider about making the most of coaching check-ins:

Leverage coaching check-ins to discuss development opportunities and career advancement.

Provide coaching feedback tips and checklists for managers.

Employees also need tips and checklists for coaching interactions.

Use technology to ensure managers and employees are on the same page before the check-in meetings

Find the right balance: Don’t abandon, but don’t micromanage.

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August 2021