Managing Millennials In The Workforce

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Managing Millennials In The Workforce

Millennials are a fascinating subject of study in their own right. Put them alongside other generations and an unbelievable complicated set of dynamics erupts - some fantastic, others frustrating. Nowhere is this more evident then in multi-generational workforce, few consider how much each generation differs in the they approach the challenge. But they should, because they do.

This article reviews the defining characteristics of body boomers, Gen X, and millennials, then leverages those qualities to understand the generation-specific challenges that come with managing millennials in the workforce. By considering how generation identities interact, we support mutual understanding, which can inspire informed solution to managing millennials in the workforce.

Our discussion of managing millennials in the workforce will be more meaningful if we first speak to its significance. The fact that you've chosen to read this article is a good indication that you want to understand how millennials work. But that real question is: why should business care?

Perhaps the most staggering reason is the fact that millennials now make up the largest segment of today's working population, At 73 million strong, more positions are filled by millennials then any other generations.

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Baby boomers, Gen X, and millennials were all significantly influenced by their respective experiences with social and political turmoil, and all feet compelled on issue by issue specifics, baby boomers, Gen X, and millennials all share the general sentiment that they want to contribute to something important. Luckily, at work, there's a shared purpose built in: company purpose.

The practice of tying job function back to same larger company purpose already Congress highly recommended as an approach to millennials in the workforce, but it's positive impact extends to something over generation rifts, too.

If there's one rule to know when dealing with a multi-generation workforce, it's that communication is key. Many of the differences leaders cite as so problematic b when managing millennials in the workforce can be solved fairly easily if they are addressed outright.

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September 2021