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Year 2020 saw a drastic transformation in the way organizations managed talent. Managing the remote workforce and meeting the dynamic needs of employees were quite challenging. In order to attract and retain top talent today, organizations must be open to shifting their approaches on assessing the value their workforce brings to the table.

As you consider how to evolve your own talent management programs in 2021 to meet the employee needs during this ever-evolving period of uncertainty, you need to re-evaluate and consider changes in certain areas. The cover article of this issue, Managing The Unexpected: A More Proactive Approach to Talent Management by Marlo J. Gaal sheds more light into this topic.

With the influx of people working from home, leaders have had to find ways to efficiently and effective handle remote management. Managers need to take a hard look at their current talent management processes and determine what is working for them and what needs to be changed, says Agota Alvarez in her article, Remote Talent Management: What's Working And What Needs To Be Changed.

As we move into 2021, organizations should be rethinking and reinventing ways of getting things done. Read Laura Dribin's article, The "New Normal"

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1. Clarity Developing strategic agility starts with getting clear on winning even if it is for very short-term timeframes. Although we are in a time of a lot of unknowns, there are things we do know. It might only be for the week or the month but get crystal clear on what is clear. Without clarity, people and organizations typically end up going in many different directions, especially when faced with unexpected change.

2. Focus If getting clear on winning represents the starting point for strategic agility, keeping people focused on the goal is the driving force behind getting there.

3. Connection Here's the tricky part - people won't buy into your vision of winning unless they feel connected to the organization. Connection starts with having a powerful vision people can believe in and feel good about, and it also requires giving honest, candid performance feedback on a regular basis.

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