Measuring Equity in Candidate Experience

Different types of people experience the job application process in fundamentally different ways. We analyzed data on candidate experience and segmented it by demographics including gender, race and sexual orientation. There are significant differences in how different kinds of candidates are treated, how likely they are to discontinue an application process, and what their perceptions are of onboarding program effectiveness. HR leaders should develop candidate experience strategies to compensate for preferences and treatment of all types of candidates to ensure talent processes are equitable.

Key Takeaways

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Men are more confident in their career opportunities than women, as indicated by differences in how they act on their preferences, what their candidate experience is and what requests they make during the application process.

Racially diverse candidates in the United States are more likely than white candidates to discontinue an application process due to two critical factors: diversity of the team and management style of potential manager.

LGBTQ+ candidates are more likely than heterosexual candidates not to apply for a job because they perceive they lack the education and years of work experience required for the role.

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August 2021