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It's no surprise that strong people leaders are critical to building a culture of trust and accountability, the kind of culture that naturally reduces employee issues and increases productivity. If employees feel that managers are fair, consistent, and honest in their feedback, they are far more engaged in the workplace. That engagement translates into a more productive workforce.

Unfortunately, there's a pretty big gap between people leaders' and ER professionals' perceptions of how effectively issues are handled on the front line. According to HR Acuity's 2021 research report, People Leaders and the Gap in Managing Employee Issues, 52% of people leaders report being very confident in their ability to manage people issues while only 2% of ER professionals would agree. While that 2% is troubling, 52% is not much to celebrate either. In both instances, we recognize an opportunity to educate and better support people leaders in their ability to effectively manage employee issues.

So, what are the real ramifications of poor people management? On top of inconsistent employee experiences, poor people management impacts morale and engagement. According to Gallup, managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores. If we do the math, it's clear that providing our people leaders with the skills, confidence, and empowerment to effectively manage employee issues will drive real engagement and, by extension, higher levels of growth.

Sticky issues can actually become the glue that helps your employees feel trusted and valued in your company. We know that sounds counterintuitive, but in this playbook, we focus on what the employee relations team must do to build the confidence and competence of people leaders who find themselves handling handling day-to-day employee issues. By clearly defining roles and providing practical tools, templates, and guidance, empowering them can be easier than you think.

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