As the COVID-19 pandemic lingers, what comes next? In today's ever-changing world, now more than ever, workplace culture reigns supreme. Now is the time to build on the progress of recent months and double down on clearly stated organizational values. These values must be embraced by those at all leadership levels and then down to the employees they manage.

Regardless of the challenges posed by the pandemic, talent needs to be nurtured and valued. Organizations must move past "just getting the work done" and begin thinking long term-with their employees' concerns top of mind. As organizations strengthen their values, strong HR teams should offer stability and keep workplace cultures on track to drive business goals and help retain invaluable talent. Only with HR professionals at the forefront can organizations build better workplaces.

HR professionals, executives and people managers need to ensure their organizations can sustain the positive culture shifts cultivated during the pandemic and utilize findings to improve processes, should another crisis arise. Whether it's COVID-19; mass turnover; or a rallying cry for diversity, equity and inclusion, crisis breeds opportunity for improvement within an organization and the way it embraces the needs of its employees. These opportunities, while difficult to navigate, should be utilized to cultivate and create impactful change.

Key Takeaways

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74% of working Americans claim their organizational values helped guide them through the pandemic.

53% of working Americans who have left a job due to workplace culture report leaving because of their relationship with their manager.

94% of people managers agree a positive workplace culture creates a resilient team of employees.

52% of people managers spend an average of one to 10 hours per week managing their workplace culture.

54% of people managers report they leave work feeling exhausted.

26% of people managers indicate their organization does not provide them with leadership training.

62% of HR professionals agree it has been difficult to maintain workplace culture during the pandemic.

97% of executives agree their actions have a direct impact on workplace culture.

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October 2021