The Diversity and Inclusion Handbook

Why We’re Writing About Diversity and Inclusion
The Diversity and Inclusion Handbook

As an Asian-American female CEO in Silicon Valley, I’m afforded an intimate view into the ever-simmering discussion around diversity and inclusion in tech. Even more so, because I’m building a company whose job it is to help other companies do their best hiring.

I prize the luxury of getting to think constantly about how organizations scale, and in speaking with hundreds of talent professionals every year, I’m struck by a common theme: People are more bought in and committed to diversity and inclusion than ever.

Key Takeaways

About This Report

First things first: building an inclusive environment.

Setting diversity goals that resonate with your employees

Leveraging the support of your team the right way.

Embedding diversity and inclusion goals into your hiring process.

Diversifying Your Pipeline.

Committing to Fair Compensation.

Baking Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives into On boarding.

Navigating When Things Go Wrong.

Elevating your efforts to the next level.

40+ Ways to Begin Cultivating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace.

About the Publisher

Built from the conviction that recruiting is the responsibility of everyone at the company, Lever’s Talent Acquisition Suite draws the entire team together to efficiently source, nurture, interview, and hire top talent through effortless collaboration. Lever has been intentionally designed to help employers develop stronger candidate relationships in fewer clicks, and its modern interface combines powerful ATS and CRM functionality in one platform.

Lever was founded in 2012 and supports the hiring needs of over 1,300 leading companies around the globe including the teams at Netflix, Lyft, Hot Topic, and Cirque du Soleil. With an overall gender ratio of 50:50, Lever is also fiercely committed to building a team culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion. For more information, visit

Publish Date

August 2021