How have your HR skills developed recently?

With such seismic changes in the world and workplaces lately, it's no surprise that HR and People leaders have been challenged in new, unprecedented ways.

From moving a workforce to 100% remote and responding to events in real-time and reacting accordingly, to finding new ways to keep employees healthy, happy and engaged, there's no doubt HR has been in the spotlight and under immense pressure. HR has stepped up.

Now is the time to take stock. Sage's research report, The changing face of HR, found that even before recent events, huge changes in the world of work were occurring, with HR playing a pivotal role in leading change in organisations and having to evolve itself as a function as a result too

Ultimately, the research found that HR's changing. First Personnel in the 1980's, then HR. Now, it's evolving into a People function, with new responsibilities and opportunities for HR leaders in today's transformative world of work. In this eBook we'll uncover what these changes mean for HR leaders, what skills are needed to get ahead and how to be the People leader of tomorrow, today.

Key Takeaways

About This Report

A good place to start is to measure your tech-savviness in relation to the business. Do you understand as much as the wider organisation or are there specific knowledge gaps you need to address?

Once you know what you want to achieve, you can take a long-term view to acquiring the skills. Try to immerse yourself in the world of technology to gain a holistic understanding as you go along.

Attend industry exhibitions for both the HR sector and your wider industry, these are great places to discover and learn how emerging tech can benefit your organisation.

Keep an eye out for technology that can serve your organisation's specific needs versus chasing down the hot new tech platform. Be intentional.

Read thought leadership publications. Industry experts often give unbiased advice about products they have encountered and can be a key source for news within your sector.

Take online courses. If there are specific tech skills you wish to acquire, these can be especially useful for developing skills such as coding.

Attend webinars. Often hosted by technology experts, these will give you an overview of both current and emerging technologies and help you to make informed decisions.

Apply for demos of new software. This is the best way to test and understand what your team's limitations are when it comes to understanding and applying technology.

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November 2021