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The connection between employee voice and business outcomes
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Who feels heard at work and why giving employees a voice is good for business

This report, which is based on a global survey of 4,000 employees, managers, and business leaders across 11 countries, examines how employees are — or aren’t — feeling heard at their workplace, the opportunities that people leaders have to better listen to and act on feedback, and the business imperative to embrace the voice of the employee.

The connection between employee voice and business outcomes
Why organizations must transform employee feedback into actionable change.

There is troubling inequity in the feedback loop at organizations across the globe. Although most employees feel generally heard by their employer, recent research from The Workforce Institute at UKG reveals the barriers that exist between employees and their leaders when it comes to actionable change.

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Perhaps this stems from the decades-long notion that employees are an organization’s most valuable asset, when, in fact, they are so much more. They’re tactical and strategic change-makers who see inefficiency firsthand and often seek to voice critical points of observation and ideas for improvement. However, more often than not, organizations don’t have the right mechanisms in place to actively listen to their people — leaving many employees to feel like another cog in the machine rather than a crucial contributor to company success

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The Workforce Institute at UKG provides research and education on critical workplace issues facing organizations worldwide. By bringing together a global consortium of HR and workforce management thought leaders, the think tank is uniquely positioned to empower organizations with practical ideas for optimizing today’s workplace while also providing an important voice for employees, including frontline and hourly workers. Founded in 2007, a hallmark of The Workforce Institute’s research and education — including books, podcasts, surveys, blogs, and its annual list of workplace predictions — is balancing the needs and desires of diverse employee populations with the interests of organizations to manage absenteeism, fight burnout, develop equitable work schedules, and build strong leaders to drive inspired performance.

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August 2021