The people plan

How a people-first approach to talent acquisition prepares you for anything..
The people plan

There are increasingly encouraging signs in the global fight against Covid-19. But the future course of the pandemic remains hard to predict.

This poses critical questions for talent acquisition professionals. Success has always been about getting the right balance between people, process and technology. But how do you decide on the best configuration for your talent acquisition “machine” when the situation on the ground is changing so rapidly?

Out of 620 talent acquisition professionals we spoke to, 7 out of 10 are planning for short-term hiring only and around 30% lack a post-pandemic plan. What’s more, 3 out of 4 rate their own talent strategies as basic, meaning they make only limited use of data and technology, and are not fully integrated with business goals.

We believe the level of unpredictability today calls for a shift in talent acquisition mindset. Forget people, process and technology.

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From now on, it’s people first. Then process and technology.

Why? Because when you view your talent acquisition challenges through a people lens, your processes and technology become part of the solution. A people-centric mindset drives better decision-making and makes it easier for you to steer your organization through uncertainty.

It also helps you rise up the talent maturity scale with an approach to talent acquisition that is more strategic, innovative and agile—three qualities that are key to success in a constantly changing world.

Below, we look at each of these qualities in more detail to explore what a truly people-centric approach to talent acquisition might look like

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August 2021