Understanding the Impact of COVID on Organizations and their People Practices.

Fuel50 Global Talent Mobility Best Practice Research
Understanding the Impact of COVID on Organizations and their People Practices.

Fuel50 conducted best practices research on current talent mobility experiences, best-in-class talent mobility, and the imperatives for talent mobility in the future across high-performing organizations around the world. This report is the first of a six-part series detailing the key findings from our research study and extensive analysis of workforce and talent mobility trends. The goals of the study were as follows: • To understand current trends in internal talent mobility and workforce reskilling across the globe • To learn what best-in-class career growth and talent mobility looks like today • To ascertain the key imperatives for talent mobility in the coming decade Read more about our research design and audience here.

The global pandemic meant that organizations everywhere had to adjust to rapid and unprecedented changes. A whole new set of business concepts that had been simmering on the back burner for many companies - things like flexibility, agility, mobility, and resilience - were now important elements that organizations everywhere suddenly had to embrace if they wanted to survive and grow.

Key Takeaways

About This Report

1. The Overnight Pivot to Remote Work
Organizations were forced to transition to remote working practices virtually overnight. Teams, functions, service delivery models, and supply chain logistics had to be transformed to ensure that organizations could keep their doors open and continue delivering to customers.

2. The Collective People Challenge
Collectively, HR and business leaders faced increased and unprecedented challenges because of operating in the pandemic era. As technology CEO Marylene Delbourg Delphis told the Workology Podcast, 1 Chief People Officers had the most important job in the business, maybe even more important than that of many Chief Financial Officers.

3. The top challenges included:
Remote working. There was a dramatic shift from people working in the office to working remotely. Digital leadership. Managers and leaders had to drive engagement, organizational culture, and connection to the overall business remotely. Increased uncertainty. There was widespread uncertainty for organizations and the workforce financially, economically, and also health-wise. Reduced employee interaction and connection. People lost opportunities to interact in person with their leaders, business unit, fellow employees, and the larger organization.

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August 2021