What employees really,really want from you

Three big themes from a new survey of knowledge workers.
What employees really,really want from you

It starts by listening.

When it comes to transforming how we work, we believe the best way to start is to ask the people doing that work.

That’s why we’re constantly in conversation with knowledge workers in companies of all sizes, to find out what they expect from work and learn about how they’d like to get things done every day.

Part of this means always looking into how work and employee expectations are changing for enterprise companies.

This report is based on a quantitative study by global firm Kelton Research that focuses on three of the clearest themes that have emerged in our discussions with knowledge workers.

Key Takeaways

About This Report

1. Transparency and alignment
A deeper partnership with company leaders and a better understanding of strategic and tactical decision-making.

2. Relationships and connections.
This is especially important and challenging in a world of distributed, mobile and crossfunctional teams.

3. Collaboration tools.
The need for better employee experiences and faster, better-informed decisionmaking through improved communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing

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Publish Date

August 2021