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Workplace APAC 2021 is one of the largest collaborative study by SHRM and Oracle in the APAC region. The study focuses on uncovering emerging trends in technology and preparedness of organizations coming back to work. Workplace APAC 2021 has more than 55 marquee organizations from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and India and focuses on some of the most pressing issues faced by organizations today and their readiness to go back to a hybrid place of work. A few of the themes covered by the study are growth acceleration priorities, new ways of working and related challenges, technology investment avenues and outlook in the post-pandemic scenario.

The last 18 months have been tough for organizations and have posed unique challenges on business continuity, remote working, safety, security and health & wellbeing of employees forcing them to innovate and relook at the traditional and tested methods of management and operations. During the Workplace APAC 2021 study, we have come across novel ways organizations have been dealing with the pandemic, accelerating change through technology and navigating organizations through newer horizons. Workplace APAC 2021 will equip you with the organizational priorities, anticipated challenges, investment avenues and outlook.

The participating organizations have been carefully chosen to include those who are at the forefront of their respective industry and provide a right mix between traditional established industries along with emerging tech and SAAS organizations on the growth path. For the ease of comprehension, the key shifts have been categorized under Hyper personalized EX, Techno-ciency, Total Wellbeing, Heliotropic Culture and Humanising Connectedness. For a quick overview of these shifts, please flip over!

What started as a business continuity measure during the peak of the pandemic, left an indelible mark on work, workers, and the workplace. Across the globe, organizations responded with great agility and displayed unprecedented resilience. The role of HR evolved and became more complex. Technology emerged as the panacea for most of the existing and emerging challenges. Unlike the western world, HR leaders across the Asia Pacific had to deal with multiple dimensions of workplace and technology transformation all at the same time and emerged as winners across industries and geographies.

Key Takeaways

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Deeper connectedness with organization will be emotional – one that forms on the foundations of care, empathy and concern.

Workforce getting distributed, regular physical interactions will continue to be scarce. Emotional connection with organizations’ purpose and beliefs will unify the talent.

Leaders and Managers will have a critical role to play in delivering the experience of empathy and care.

Virtual collaboration will be seamless when peer-to-peer relationships are established; organizational culture must facilitate creation and strengthening of such relationships.

About the Publisher

Workplace APAC 2021 is a joint study by SHRM and Oracle on the emerging trends in people and technology in accelerating growth. CHROs / HR Heads participated from organizations across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and India. These organizations belonged to diverse industries ranging from traditional manufacturing and large organizations to new age SAAS firms. Diversity in participating organizations provided a holistic perspective of the emerging shifts.

Publish Date

August 2021