The "No Limit" Mindset!!

Author: Amita Karve
Date: July 06, 2021
The greatest opportunity each one of us received last year during the Pandemic was "No Limit" mindset opportunity. You will be wondering, why am I saying soÂ…. but if you hear me out, you will realise what I mean! I often used to wonder until last year, how to live completely with "No-limits" mindset, no matter what life throws your way. While this sounds very philosophical, this mindset came in very handy for me as a working mother, as the entire world came to a standstill due to the pandemic of Covid-19, where I started working from home, as most of us were in the lockdown situation.
Especially being a working mother, the "No-limits" mindset, helped me to tap into my own potential, and helped me to drive positive change, and overcome various obstacles. Before, I deep dive into what opportunities and challenges most of the working mothers faced, let me explain you the concept in simple words. According to this mindset, no matter who you are, what you are capable of facing or improving, you will always remain positive and keep your solution orientation hat on! Cultivating this mindset sounds pretty simple, but it is challenging to execute in our daily life.
The recent year helped me to understand and strengthen this powerful mindset, build new skills, and gain new perspectives. How does this work? Let's look at various things that I learnt during last year and how my mindset got transformed.
While most of the women employees were excited about Working-From Home as they thought it will bring in the work life balance and it will be a boon!! Little that they realized that in the lockdown period, suddenly they will have no house help and no support, which they usually used to get during normal Work-From Home situation. Each working women employee had to become, "Atmanirbhar = Independent", doing things by herself for herself as well as for all the family members!!
Honestly speaking this meant a lot in the Indian context, where joint family culture still exists, where family expectations went up hindi, "Aab toh ghar par hain bahu...kar legi!! attitude prevailed and most of us, including myself struggled initially, which is where I took the opportunity of changing my own mindset from, "Kaise Hoga"? to "No Limits" mindset! This means moving your focus from problem, to a solution! Therefore, I will focus here more on the opportunities rather than the challenges that I faced!
While multi-tasking became a biggest challenge for each working women employee as she was playing multiple roles, at the same time, such as professional, wife, mother, daughter, daughter-in-law etc...and it meant satisfying everyone's sky-rocketing expectations, it was also overwhelming for me personally and therefore "No Limits" mindset helped me.

I started living the 4 golden rules for achieving this mindset.

  1. Determine who you are?
  2. Expect things from yourself but none other.
  3. Never quit on yourself
  4. Keep things simple
Determine who you are: The key is to determine, who you really are and what you stand for deep down to maximise your own potential. Respect and love yourself so much, that others don't take you for granted and decide who you are what you will do? Understand, everyone's needs and allow yourself to define you, your own role, so that you don't burn yourself out under someone else's expectations. Stand up, think for yourself, let your voice be heard, make a difference in others' lives, by positive thinking and accurate conversations that contributes towards bringing a change in your own world, but don't let anyone else define who you are.
Expect things from yourself but none other: Don't become part of unreasonable expectations, you will put yourself through unnecessary expectations and undue stress. Expectations of others stop us from reaching our own full potential. Define, what you can humanly do it, how well you can do it and by when you can do it!
Never quit on yourself: According to a famous saying, "Winners never quit, and quitters never win." Quitting is the most painful form of suffering. Life throws various challenges and at times it is hard, but one must find an empowering way to break through those challenges, focus on solution and not on problem. So, if you fail to achieve your goal, instead of using that failure as an excuse to quit, use it as a stepping-stone and apply "No Limits" mindset.
Keep things simple: If there's one rule to stress-free and successful life, it is to keep things simple. This is because simplicity leads to clarity of thought, accuracy of planning, and consistency in execution. So, when life gets complex, break it down into small pieces and make it simple. The art of simplifying is about eradication of complexity that creates unnecessary stress, exhaustion, and confusion.
Last year, we thought we are stranded but it was the year, which showed us "No Limits" and all of us quickly adopted to various changes, even though there were few restrictions on us. When we realized that we are in control we started saying this is the "New Normal" and in that sense, we accepted each challenge where our minds became limitless and we came up with new innovative approaches that made our lives simpler!
Let me end my article, with a powerful saying "The only limits you have are the limits you believe." by Wayne Dyer. Take this opportunity to change your mindset from, "Kaise Hoga"? to "No Limits" mindset! And keep me posted if these golden rules helped you!
About Author: Amita, a well-rounded HR professional with over 18 years of work-experience as Human Resources Business Professional has cross-Industry experience in human resources field spread across various industries like Healthcare, Pharma, Telecom, Banking, Real Estate and Manufacturing. She has managed diverse portfolio like Talent Acquisition, HR Business Partnering, Talent Management (Succession & Career Progression Planning), HRIS Project Planning, Learning and Development and Business Unit Set-Up].
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