7 deadly mistakes people make at their first job

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The first job holds a special place in your heart as you experience the triumph of being financially independent, ready to lead forward towards your goal or dream role. You definitely wouldn’t want any amateur behavior to ruin the moment and create hindrance in the rest of your journey. So, here are the tips to avoid committing seven deadly mistakes at your first job.

1. Trying to impress by faking complete understanding of the role

As a new entrant, you are not expected to understand your role completely from the day one so, in a horde to impress your manager or superiors, do not fake that you understand everything. Later it might go against you if you do not perform well on the task you were assigned based on your fake nod. Ask questions; it shows willingness to learn.

2. Being impolite

At times you may be made to feel like you are saviors of the company, as a way to observe your behavior, or you may feel that your way of working is better than the set guidelines. In any case, being impolite or showing arrogance could be the deadliest sin. Instead listen, learn and present your thoughts in a polite manner.

3. Playing underdog

Some people may feel apprehensive on their first job and take to be on the passive side. The workplace requires you to exude positivity, determination and activeness. Try to make yourself comfortable by striking conversation with your colleagues on general topics. Do not stay aloof during breaks or training; at least mark your presence in the group.

4. Proactive

Every company has rules and policy in place to provide feedback to employees periodically; it may be in every six months or yearly. However, you need not just do what you are told; you can be proactive in your actions and arrange for a meeting with your manager or supervisor regarding your performance after a month. Ask them where they feel is your area of improvement and work on it.

5. Losing your personality

Nodding with your supervisor/manager may not make you his/her favorite but you will definitely lose your personality in the go. Be yourself even at your workplace and strive to work in the interest of the company. Faking to be who you are not is like cutting the branch you are sitting on.

6. Compatibility

You may not like several of your colleagues or the company culture, but adapting to the change is what will propel you towards success. Everyday conflicts may eventually harm your prospect in the company. There is nothing that cannot be resolved with a reasoned discussion.

7. Follow the suit

There could be occasions when your company needs you and you might have other plans or places to attend to. If you find others staying back or coming in early, try to follow the suit. It may not be in contract to work beyond time but by doing so when required, you are widening the horizon of your success.

A good beginning assures a good journey. So, put in your heart and soul at your first job and there will be no looking back. Wish you all the best in your endeavors!

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